Commercialization of Micro, Nano, and
Emerging Technologies

JW Marriott Houston, Houston, TX, USA

August 28 – 31, 2016
August 28 – 30, 2016




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Time Activity
9.00 – 18.00 Boot Camp
18.30 – 20.30 Welcome Reception and Poster Session


Time Activity
8.30 – 8.45 Welcome
8.45 – 9.20 Plenary: Toward a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future, Juan Torres
9.20 – 9.35 Refreshment Break
9.35 – 11.00 Session 3.1 - Exponential Technologies for Energy
Chair: Janusz Bryzek
Session 3.2 - Energy and Enabling Systems
Chair: Volker Saile
  "Detonation Nano-diamonds"
Jim Meriano
"Facilities, Campuses Energy and Safety"
Jason Strauss
  "Self Powered Sensing and Actuation for IOT: Today, Tomorrow and in 2025"
Shad Roundy
"Verification of Humate Materials Use in Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improvement in Agricultural Water Efficiency"
Michael Meyer
  "Exponential Technologies in Energy"
Jim Hurd
"Emerging Trends: Nanotechnology in Engine Oils"
Abhishek Kar
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
11.00 – 11.15 Refreshment Break
11.15 – 12.40 Session 4.1 - Challenges and Opportunities for the IOT(E) in the 21st Century 
Chair: Robert Warrington
Session 9.1 - Technology Transfer Activity 
Chair: Regan Stinnett
  Surety Issues and IOT
Jorge Hernandez
"Technology Transfer from a National Laboratory: Best Practices from Sandia National Laboratories"
Jackie Kerby-Moore
  "Software as an IOT-based Service"
Steve Schroeder
"Innovation Commons"
Ralph Ford and Amy Bridger
  "A Snapshot of Advanced Computing in China"
David Kahaner
"Fostering the Transfer of Nanotechnology Products from Lab to Market – The Role of the NNI"
Michael Meador
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
12.40 – 1.40 Lunch and Panel on Sustainable Healthcare Solutions: Increasing Accessibility and Affordability Through Disruptive Start-ups. Moderated by Paul Scott, ASME. Panelists: Lou Auguste, Abby Cohen, and Rajeev Kumar
1.40 – 2.15 Plenary: A Platform to Digitize Biology Using Sensors that Learn: The SensoDx Story, John McDevitt
2.15 – 3.40 Session 9.2 - Funding Emerging Technologies for Abundance
Chair: Ray Quintana
Session 10.1 - Developing Skills in a 21st Century World
Chair: Sue Neuen
    "Internationalizing World Class Early Stage Funding"
Ray Quintana
"Merging Soft Skills with Hard Technology: Needed Education to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century"
John Oberg
  "Crossing the Cactus: How to Invest in Places Other than San Francisco Bay Area and Boston"
David Blivin
"The Multidisciplinary Nature of Emerging Technologies: A Challenge for Educators, Students, and Industry"
Deb Newbery
  "A Discussion of a True Accelerator"
Robert Sachs
"The Development of Entrepreneurs" 
Ken Jones
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
6.45 – 10.00 Young Technology Award Ceremony and Reception


Time Activity
8.30 – 8.45 Housekeeping and Announcements
8.45 – 9.20 Plenary: TSensors (Trillion Sensors): Foundation for the Next Decade's Economy, Janusz Bryzek
9.20 – 9.35 Refreshment Break
9.35 – 11.00 Session 5.1 - BioMEMS Diagnostic Pathway PART 1: Oral Cancer Commercialization Example 
Chair: Bob Mehalso
Session 5.2 - Emerging Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics
Chair: Robert Giasolli
  "The Commercialization Pathway for the First Effective Numerical Index for Oral Cancer"
John McDevitt
"Smart Tip for Biomedical"
Daniel Bijl
  "Taking the PNBC from a Research Lab to a Manufacturing Line"
Jason Hayes
"Product Development for the Aging"
Steve Lueckenhoff
  "Point of Care Testing"
Elizabeth Wagar
"So, You Want a Sound Diagnosis?"
Wim Van Hoeve
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
11.00 – 11.15 Refreshment Break
11.15 – 12.40 Session 5.3 - Unobtrusive Health Monitoring
Chair: Janusz Bryzek
Session 5.4 - BioMEMS Diagnostic PART 2: Mobile Health Commercialization Pathway
Chair: John McDevitt
  "TSensors for Unobtrusive Health Monitoring."
Janusz Bryzek
"Development and Validation of the Cardiac Scorecard"
Michael McRae
  "Sensing Breakthroughs in eHealth: Today and in 2025"
Mark Zdeblick
"Pathways for Patient-Facing App Development"
Shail Sinhasane
  "Energy Harvesting MicroSensors"
Todd Christenson
"Contract Research Organizations: Helping Companies Move from Device Creation to Marketing Approval"
Theresa Scocca
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
12.40 – 1.40 Lunch and Presentation by Hong Seng Chen, China Consul
1.40 – 2.15 Plenary: The Other Guy's Toolkit: What We Can Learn from Other Industries
Alan Lumsden, MD, Professor and Chairman, Methodist Hospital
2.15 – 3.40 Session 6.1 - 3D Printing, Born Qualified and Additive Manufacturing
Chair: Jorge Hernandez
Session 7.1 - Commercializing Emerging Technologies
Chair: David Tolfree
  "Materials Development for Additive Manufacturing Processes Across Multiple Length Scales"
Gregory Dillon
"New Commercialization Perspectives of Vacuum MEMS in Poland"
Rafal Walczak
  "Using Additive Manufacturing to Accelerate Qualification in High Consequence Industries"
R. Allen Roach
"What Factors Influence Entrepreneurship Activity Levels in Countries"
Sulieman Kassicieh
  "Additive Manufacturing with Nano-size Features"
Stefan Hengsbach
"The Challenge of Technological Commercialization in an Emerging Economy, the Case of Brazil"
John Mueller
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
6.45 – 10.00 Conference Gala Dinner


Time Activity
8.30 – 8.45 Housekeeping and Announcements
8.45 – 9.20 An Overview of the UK Innovate and the EU Horizon 2020 Programmes – David Tolfree
9.20 – 9.35 Refreshment Break
9.35 – 11.00 Session 8.1 - Social Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation
Chair: Aard Groen
Session 5.5 - Building Innovative Medical Device Companies
Chair: Robert Giasolli
  "Social Entrepreneurship: National Innovation Systems and Emerging Technologies"
Rainer Harms
"The Entrepreneurs Guide to Medical Device Development"
Robert Giasolli
  "The Importance of Technologically Able Social Innovators and Entrepreneur: Evidence from US National Labs and Regional Innovation Systems"
Victor Chavez
"Nanofluidic System for Universal and Long-term Controlled Drug Delivery"
Alessandro Grattoni and Randy Goodall
  "Linking the Internet of Things/Everything with Social Entrepreneurship"
Saheb Siani
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
11.00 – 11.15 Refreshment Break
11.15 – 12.40 Session 5.6 - BioMEMS Diagnostic PART 3: Problems in Moving Medical Emerging Technologies to Market
Chair: Bob Mehalso
Session 6.2 - The Role of Roadmapping and Systemization in Commericalizing 21st Century Solutions
Chair: Steve Walsh
  "Automatic Retinal Screening on the Go: The Need, the Obstacles, and the Solution"
Peter Soliz
"Here There Be Dragons: The TSensors Systems Technology Roadmap"
Yorgos Marinakis
  "Using the SBIR/STTR Program for Non-Dilutive Funding for Technology Start-ups"
Kirk Macolini
"Infrastructure, IOE and Data Analytics"
Inder Thukral
  "Dopamine Detection with Accuracy of 0.05 Nano Mole Using Optical Waveguide"
Mahdiar Hosseinghadiry
"MEMS Technology Roadmapping as a Driver for Developing Industrial Consensus"
Michael Gaitan
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
12.40 – 1.40 Lunch and Presentation by Steven Walsh – "TSensor Systems"
1.40 – 2.15 Plenary: microTEC SW – The Microsystems Cluster in Germany, Volker Saile
2.15 – 3.40 Session 4.2 - Exponential Materials for the Environment
Chair: Janusz Bryzek
Session 4.3 - Advances in Small Technology Platforms
Chair: Gene Burk
  "TSensors for Monitoring of Aging Infrastructure Today, Tomorrow and in 2025"
Janusz Bryzek
"Digital Gas Sensor with MOx Technology"
John Bergstrom
  "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Small Tech and the Future"
Nico Nijenhous
"Generic Platforms for MEMS Manufacturing"
Andre Rouzard
  "Mission Innovation: The Global Pollution Monitoring Node Today, Tomorrow and in 2025"
Toshikazu Nishida
"Opportunities for MNT in Instrumentation for the Field"
James Wylde
  Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
3.40 – 4.00 Refreshment Break
4.00 – 4.30 Closing Remarks