NOTE: This is DSCC 2017
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Dynamic Systems and Control Conference


Dynamic Systems and Control Conference

Tysons Corner, Virginia

October 11-13, 2017

SPECIAL SESSION – Student Best Paper Competition


Wednesday, October 12, 2016
1:30pm – 3:30pm

We are proud to announce the finalists for this year's Student Best Paper Competition!

The ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division supports the Student Best Paper Competition at the annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. This competition aims at motivating future researchers to contribute to the Dynamic System and Control scientific community, by recognizing outstanding and original scientific work developed by students.

The following Six student paper finalists have been selected, and will present their papers twice.  Once in the pre-assigned session and also in this special session dedicated to the Best Student Papers at this year's event.  Each paper below is hyperlinked to the pre-assigned session for each paper accordingly.

DSCC2016-9754:  Can Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage Systems be Self-Balancing?
Authors:  Partha P. Mishra and Hosam K. Fathy, Penn State University.

DSCC 2016-9726:  Optimization of Trajectory-Based HCCI Combustion
Authors:  Chen Zhang and Zongxuan Sun, University of Minnesota

DSCC2016-9658:  Complex Non-Minimum Phase Zeros in the Dynamics of Double Parallelogram Flexure Module Based Flexure Mechanisms
Authors:  Leqing Cui, Chinedum Okwudire, and Shorya Awtar, University of Michigan

DSCC2016-9732:  Handling Model and Implementation Uncer-Tainties via an Adaptive Discrete Sliding Mode Controller Design
Authors:  Mohammad Reza Amini, Mahdi Shahbakhti, Selina Pan, and J. Karl Hedrick, Michigan Technological University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley

DSCC2016-9902:  Arbitrary-Order Iterative Learning Control Considering H Infinity Synthesis
Authors:  Minghui Zheng, Cong Wang, Liting Sun, and Masayoshi Tomizuka, University of California at Berkeley and New Jersey Institute of Technology

DSCC2016-9730:  Battery State of Health Monitoring by Estimation of the Number of Cyclable Li-Ions
Authors:  Xin Zhou, Jeffrey L. Stein, and Tulga Ersal, University of Michigan