NOTE: This is FEDSM 2017
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Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting

Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa, Hawaii

Jul 30-Aug 3, 2017

Jul 31-Aug 2, 2017




You are cordially invited to participate in the ASME 2017 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting (FEDSM2017). The program of FEDSM2017 will include technical paper sessions, plenary lectures, committee meetings and social events. FEDSM is involved in all areas of fluid mechanics, encompassing both fundamental as well as applications, to all types of devices, processes and machines involving fluid flows.

The tentative tracks for FEDSM2017:

 Track 1 Forum on Advances in Fluids Engineering Education
 Track 2 18th Symposium on Turbomachinery Flow Simulation and Optimization
 Track 3 Symposium on Applications in CFD
 Track 4 8th Symposium on Bio-Inspired and Bio-medical Fluid Mechanics
 Track 5 52st Cavitation and Multiphase Flow Forum
 Track 6 87th Symposium on CFD Verification and Validation
 Track 7 Symposium On Development and Applications of Immersed Boundary Methods
 Track 8 12th Symposium on DNS, LES and Hybrid RANS/LES Methods
 Track 9 29th Symposium on Fluid Machinery
 Track 10 Forum on Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation
 Track 11 18th International Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interaction and Flow-Induced Noise in Industrial Applications
 Track 12 11th International Symposium on Flow Applications in Aerospace
 Track 13 12th Symposium on Active Fluid Dynamics and Flow Control - Theory, Experiments and Implementation
 Track 14 20th Symposium on Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics
 Track 15 24th Symposium on Industrial and Environmental Applications of Fluid Mechanics
 Track 18 Open Forum on Multiphase Flows - Work in Progress
 Track 19 5th International Symposium on Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow
 Track 20 Symposium on Noninvasive Measurements in Single and Multiphase Flows
 Track 21 17th International Symposium on Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flow
 Track 22 10th Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Energy Conversion from Clean and Sustainable Resources
 Track 23 16th Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing Processes
 Track 24 10th Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Mixing
 Track 25 8th International Symposium on Turbulent Flows - Issues and Perspectives
 Track 26 Symposium on Algorithms and Applications for High Performance CFD Computation
 Track 27 17th International Symposium on Fluid Power
 Track 28 Performance of Multiphase Flow Systems
 Track 29 4th Symposium on the Fluid Dynamics of Wind Energy
 Track 30 2nd Symposium on Marine Hydrodynamics

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