David Johnson

Monday, November 5
Keynote Presentation
David Johnson
President & CEO
Achates Power

David Johnson joined Achates Power in August 2008 as president and CEO. Johnson is leveraging his more than 25 years of industry experience to accelerate development of revolutionary internal combustion engines that provide superior fuel efficiency at lower cost and, ultimately, further the company’s goal of enabling a more sustainable future. Johnson was previously vice president of product operations for military and export markets at Navistar. As program manager for the MaxxProTM line of Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicles, he delivered the vehicles in record time and record quantities for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan to better protect U.S. soldiers. Prior to Navistar, Johnson worked for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. At GM he was program manager and chief engineer for multiple clean-diesel engine programs for Opel, Saab and Renault passenger vehicles. At Ford Motor Company Johnson led the development and launch of the SuperDuty, equipped with an all-new diesel engine. Johnson earned a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.

Achates Power Info:
The Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine is engineered to meet future emissions and fuel economy standards more cost effectively than any other solution. Founded in 2004 with the mission to build cleaner, more efficient engines, the company has an experienced staff of engineers and scientists in San Diego and metro Detroit working with leading engine manufacturers to bring the OP Engine to market. Achates Power is backed by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, Climate Investments; Sequoia Capital Partners; RockPort Capital Partners; Madrone Capital Partners; InterWest Partners; and, Triangle Peak Partners.

David Johnson

Tuesday, November 6
Keynote Presentation
Kelly Senecal, Ph.D.
Owner and Vice President
Convergent Science

Kelly Senecal is a co-founder and owner of Convergent Science, creator of the CONVERGE CFD software package. Dr. Senecal obtained his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he has received international recognition for his pioneering work in the use of CFD in the engine design process. Beginning with his 2016 TEDx talk “In defense of internal combustion,“ Dr. Senecal has become a vigorous opponent of the demonization of the IC engine.

Deathbed or Midlife Crisis? The Premature Burial of the Internal Combustion Engine:
Media stories declaring the death of the internal combustion engine have been widespread over the last two years. Recently several automotive companies have pledged an electric future and governments have proposed bans on gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. This talk will attempt to untangle what has actually been promised and will argue that, although the use of electrification will continue to grow, the internal combustion engine holds a firm place in our future transportation needs.

Chris Edwards

Tuesday, November 6
Luncheon Speaker
Prof. Chris Edwards
Stanford University

Prospects for transportation and distributed-generation engines with >70% efficiency: Can it be done?
The Edwards research group is focused on fundamental research for advanced energy technologies. The group performs theoretical and experimental studies of energy transformations such that the conversion process can be made cleaner, more efficient, and more controllable than has been possible with traditional technologies. Applications include advanced transportation engines (piston and turbine) and advanced electric power generation with carbon mitigation.