International Conference
on Nuclear Engineering®

Novotel London West, London, England

July 22 - 26, 2018

July 23 - 26, 2018



Program - Workshops


All workshops will take place on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at the Novotel Hotel


Workshop #1
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Seminars

Full-Day Workshop

The CFD seminar will target young researchers and engineers to provide the basis and results for selection of several CFD applications for certain thermal-hydraulic problems. Wide variety knowledge and up-to-date information on CFD will be presented by foreign CFD specialists. The presentations may begin with the fundamental equations and numerical solution methods, and then continues to recent developments and some practice guidelines of CFD for nuclear engineering applications. Informal discussions and questions will be conducted.

Workshop #2
Thermal-Hydraulics Methods, Experimentation and Benchmarking

Full-Day Workshop

This workshop will present an overview of some of the key Thermal-Hydraulic methodologies, experimentation procedure and its application to nuclear power plants. The relevant computer code model and theory will be described and real experimental work will be presented and discussed. Meanwhile, computer code simulations of experiments and benchmarking will be both presented. For exchanging information and experience purposes, this workshop is applicable to both students/professors and engineers in the relevant industry fields.

Workshop #3
Nuclear Codes and Standards

Full-Day Workshop

This workshop will promulgate an open technical exchange of information and sharing of lessons learned in response to current codes and standards needs. All interested stakeholders will contribute toward the development and modification of codes, standards, and conformity assessment activities and help identify international collaboration efforts.

Workshop #4
Waterhammer Analysis

Half-Day Workshop

This workshop will present an overview of the fluid mechanics of classical waterhammer theory and its application to nuclear power plant systems. All known waterhammer mechanisms will be discussed together with the methods of simulating these. Real plant examples will be presented and discussed. Results of computer simulation of waterhammer solutions will be presented in the form of animations showing the movement of pressure and velocity waves. These greatly help in understanding the phenomena and the associated mechanisms. Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) aspects will also be addressed.


Asif Arastu, Unisont Engineering, Inc.

Bob Stakenborghs, ILD Inc.

Fred Moody

Fred Moody

Bio: 41 years in reactor safety technology at the general electric nuclear energy division.

27 of those years part – time teaching and adjunct professor of mechanical engineering at san jose state university.

Presently a retired consultant in thermal hydraulics, primarily for the energy industries, involving accident analyses, unsteady flows, and fluid-structure interaction. Involved in teaching asme continuing education courses for predicting unsteady forces in vessel and piping systems.

Recent projects have included serving as a member of the technical advisory board of the nuscale reactor project, and current participation as a consultant to bechtel national on their prediction of hydraulic forces in tanks designed for long-term (40 years) storage of high-level liquid nuclear waste at hanford.

Member of National Academy of Engineering and Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame.

Approximately 50 Technical papers, one textbook, “Introduction to Unsteady Thermofluid Mechanics,” Wiley, 1990; One co-authored book, “The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of a Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor,” 2nd Ed.” With R.T. Lahey.

Two other books, “The Day I Almost Quit,” Morris, 1997, and “I Wasn’t Expecting That,” Morris, 2015.

Workshop #5
Probability Safety Assessment and Severe Accidents

Half-Day Workshop

This workshop contains two parts: Probability Safety Assessment and Severe Accidents. Development and application of PSA in NPPs will be introduced. The phenomenology of severe accidents will also be presented, including heat transfer in the melt pool and hydrogen generation and combustion in the containment. The treatment of severe accidents in nuclear engineering and corresponding management requirements will also be exchanged in this workshop. This workshop is applicable to students and engineers in the PSA and severe accidents fields.

Workshop #6
International Communication about Nuclear

Half-Day Workshop

Workshop description