NOTE: This is IDETC/CIE 2017
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International Design Engineering Technical Conferences
& Computers & Information in Engineering Conference

Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio

August 6-9, 2017


About - Background


The IDETC/CIE conference has a long standing record of design research excellence with an impressive record of publication recurring on an annual cycle for the last several decades.

Most Recent IDETC/CIE Conferences

2016 Charlotte, NC
2015 Boston, MA
2014 Buffalo, NY
2013 Portland, OR
2012 Chicago, IL
2011 Washington, DC
2010 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2009 San Diego, CA
2008 New York, NY
2007 Las Vegas, NV
2006 Philadelphia, PA
2005 Long Beach, CA
2004 Salt Lake City, UT
2003 Chicago, IL
2002 Montreal, Quebec, Canada