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IPC 2018 Best Paper Competition (The Rio Pipeline Award)

Paper Number Paper Title Lead / Presenting Author Additional Authors
IPC2018-78230 Utilizing Value Management To Increase Project Competitiveness Debra Tetteh-Wayoe Michael Tozer
IPC2018-78782 What Lies Beneath- Geophysical Approaches for Assessing Trenchless Water Crossings Alastair McClymont Paul Bauman
Erin Ernst
Dan Parker
IPC2018-78233 A More Accurate and Precise Method for Large Metal Loss Corrosion Shenwei Zhang Jason Yan
Shahani Kariyawasam
Terry Huang
Mohammad Al-Amin
IPC2018-78544 Root Cause Analysis of an Above-Ground Pipeline with Stress Corrosion Cracking Barbara N. Padgett Kevin Ralston
David Norfleet
Liu Cao
Burke Delanty
Mark Klages
IPC2018-78409 In-Situ Modal Response Characterization of Pipe Structures Through Reynolds Number Variation Haobin Chen Ron Hugo
Simon Park
IPC2018-78244 Acoustic Characteristics of Liquid Hydrocarbon Releases from Buried Pipelines: An Experimental Evaluation Fernando Castellanos Mirko van der Baan
Mathew Bussiere
Mark Stephens
IPC2018-78043 The EPRG Recommendations for Crack Arrest Toughness for Line Pipe Steel (Third Edition) Andrew Cosham Robert Andrews
Tanja Shmidt
IPC2018-78631 Simulation of a Full-Scale CO2 Fracture Propagation Test Gaute Gruben Stephane Dumoulin
Hakon Nordhagen
Morten Hammer
Svend T. Munkejord
IPC2018-78097 Next Generation Ductile Fracture Arrest Analyses for High Energy Pipelines Based on Detail Coupling of CFD and FEA Techniques Kamal Botros E.J. Clavelle
M. Uddin
G. Wilowski
C. Guan
2018 Winner
IPC2018-78157 Estimating Landslide Induced Probability of Failure to Pipelines Using a Structured Reductionist Approach Richard Guthrie Emma Reid

The "Rio Pipeline Award" will be presented to the Best Paper by the Pipeline Systems Division of ASME. It includes airfare and expenses to present the winning paper at the 2019 Rio Pipeline Conference. Being nominated is quite an achievement! There were over 700 Abstracts received for consideration at IPC 2018. Finalists are selected by a team of highly respected industry subject matter experts based on originality, engineering significance, completeness, acknowledgement of work by others, organization, clarity and graphic quality. The presentations were judged during the conference and scored based on criteria related to:

  1. Strong Opening
  2. Quality of Slides (Clear, Right Information, Text and Graphics legible from back of room)
  3. Body (Technical Content, Clear, Accurate)
  4. Closing (Summary)
  5. Voice and Projection
  6. Mannerism and Enthusiasm
  7. Overall Impression and Feedback from the Audience
  8. On Time

The combined score of written and presentation elements determined the winning paper.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Dr. Phil Hopkins winner of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award!

The Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize long time contributors to the pipeline industry. The key criteria is a person or group that has demonstrated through their work and actions that the safety and economy of pipeline systems has been advanced. This demonstration could include a combination of long service, mentoring, development of new technologies, or processes.

The inspiration for the award was to recognize long time contributors to the pipeline industry such as the 2016 winner Mr. Henry Yamauchi. Mr. Yamauchi continuously provided mentoring and guidance to young pipeline professionals and peers, and contributed to pipeline standards development and the advancement of pipeline technologies and practices. Henry recently retired at the age of 90 after starting his career in the oil and gas industry in 1947, which included almost 60 years of employment at Westcoast Energy (acquired by Duke Energy and later became known as Spectra Energy).

The deadline for nominee submissions is June 29, 2018.

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Nominate deserving peers and colleagues!

If you have any difficulty with submitting your nomination, please email

IPC 2018 Poster Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 IPC Best Poster Winner:

Investigation on drag reduction through dimple machining by Zachary Kockerbeck, IPC2018-78179

The Poster Session has been a popular venue over the past two conferences allowing conference attendees direct access to you and other authors of Technical Papers that will be published as part of the conference proceedings. The Poster Session is unique from the other technical sessions at IPC as it offers direct one-on-one interaction and engagement between conference attendees and the authors and co-authors, and promotes open discussion and exchange on the Technical Papers. The Selection of the winner is by conference attendees based on Technical Content, Visual Display and Creativity and engagement by the authors with the poster session attendees.

Young Pipeline Professional Award

Young Pipeline Professional Award

Congratulations to Sarah Vandaiyar, the 2018 Young Pipeline Professional Award Winner!

A new award for 2018, the Young Pipeline Professional Award recognizes young (under 35 years old) pipeline professionals that have made a significant contribution to the energy pipeline industry by addressing challenges related to social, safety, integrity, operational excellence, or engineering issues. These future leaders have demonstrated an ability and willingness to influence the future of the energy pipeline industry in the 21st century.

The deadline for nominee submissions is June 29, 2018.

If you have any difficulty with submitting your nomination, please email

ASME PSD Student Paper Award

Congratulations to the 2018 Best Student Paper Winner:

Ms. Madhumanti (Maddie) Mandal, IPC2018-78317

Title: Mechanical behaviour of intercritically reheated coarse-grained heat affected zone in high strength line pipe steels

The ASME Pipelines System Division is organizing the Best Student Paper Competition as part of the International Pipeline Conference 2018. Entrants were judged by a committee of pipeline experts selected by the ASME Pipeline Systems Division Committee. A full-length paper must be officially submitted to the IPC and the Authors are enrolled as a University Graduate or Undergraduate student in 2017 or 2018. While other authors may be listed on the paper, the student must have contributed the majority of the effort presented and in the writing of the paper and the Finalists were notified after acceptance of final papers have been determined through the regular IPC peer review process. The student author committed to attending the conference and presenting the paper in the technical session as well as in the poster paper session in addition to their regular assigned technical session and the determination of the winner considered both the technical and poster presentations.

ASME Global Pipeline Award

Congratulations to TransCanada Pipelines, Management of Axial Cracking Threats with EMAT, winner of the 2018 Global Pipeline Project Award!!!!

View additional information on the project here:

The award will be presented at the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) in Calgary, September 24-28, 2018.

The Pipeline Systems Division of ASME has established the GLOBAL PIPELINE AWARD to recognize outstanding innovations and technological advances by various organizations in the field of pipeline transportation

A project, product, device, system, service, approach or other can receive the award.

The GPA recognizes the pipeline technology innovation process in all phases; from the research laboratory through field applications; from technology incubators to development of markets for new products; from government agencies to private companies; and from individual projects to the consolidation of research and development results. The PSD intends that the Award:

  • promotes progress and international cooperation in the field of Pipeline Systems engineering;
  • supports achievements in pipeline engineering education;
  • encourages the timely exchange of information among researchers and engineers;
  • promotes technical activities, including conferences, in the field of Pipeline Technology;
  • promotes safety and the public welfare;
  • promotes global environment preservation; and
  • promotes public recognition of the pipeline industry.

The PSD will present one Global Pipeline Award per year to the organization that, in the opinion of the judging committee, has been responsible for the most outstanding achievement in the field of pipeline engineering for that year.

The award will be presented at ASME-IPTI’s biennial International Pipeline Conference, or IBP´s biennial Rio Pipeline Conference.

The Pipeline Systems Division Award Committee encourages all organizations to consider submitting their projects and innovations for this award.

GPA Guidelines and Application

For more information contact, Kim Miceli, , 281-810-5455.