Program - Executive Panel


The executive panel features distinguished leaders from the pipeline industry discussing topics that are timely and relevant to our industry.

Following the IPC 2018 theme of Building the Future Now, this forum will address the challenges we face as an industry, and explore how we can overcome them with a collaborative spirit and shared goals.

In this session the moderator, Chris F. Yoxall, Executive Vice President, ROSEN, will guide panelists through a conversation touching on topics such as: Regulations and the changing regulatory environment; technology and innovation in the pipeline industry; and public perception of industry.

Panelists for this session are:

The purpose of the Executive Panel Session is to provide the IPC Delegates with an opportunity to engage in an open dialogue with Senior Executives actively engaged in aspects all of the pipeline industry. In addition, this Executive Panel Session further demonstrates the commitment by industry leadership to promote knowledge sharing that will help to reduce pipeline failures and increase the safe and economic reliability of our very important pipeline infrastructure.