About - Organizing Committee


2018 ISPS Conference Leadership


Prof. Paul C.-P. Chao
National Jiaotong University, Taiwan

Vice Chair

Dr. Andrey Ovcharenko
Western Digital Technologies, USA

Conference Chair / co-chair IIP

Dr. Aravind Murthy – chair
Western Digital Technologies, USA

Prof. Gen Hashiguchi – co-chair
Shizuoka University

Program Chair / co-chair IIP

Dr. Yung-Kan Chen - chair
Western Digital Technologies, USA

Dr. Shintaro Itoh – co-chair
Nagoya University

Strategic Advisory Committee Chair

Dr. Jie Yu
Western Digital Technologies, USA

Publications Chair/Special MST issue

Dr. Stefan Weissner
Seagate, USA

Awards Committee Chair

Dr. Shaomin Xiong
Western Digital Technologies, USA

Membership Chair

Paul Heath
Western Digital Technologies, USA
Immediate Past Chair (2016-2017)

Prof. Kyoung-Su Park
Gachon University, Korea


Prof. Frank E. Talke
CMRR, Univ. of California, San Diego, USA

Mr. Jeffrey S. McAllister
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, USA

Prof. No-Cheol Park
Yonsei University, Korea

Dr. Eng Hong ONG
Singapore University of Technology
and Design, Singapore

Prof. Jen-Yuan (James) Chang
National Tsing-Hua Univ., Taiwan

Dr. Ralf Brunner
illumina, USA


Dr. Lin Wuzhong
Singapore University of Technology
and Design

Prof. Norio Tagawa
Kansai University, Japan

ASME Technical Program Manager

Mary Jakubowski
American Society of Mechanical Engineers