NanoEngineering for Medicine
and Biology Conference

Omni Los Angeles Hotel, California Plaza, CA, USA

August 21-24, 2018 Exhibition
August 22-23, 2018

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Final Program



Applications of Nanoengineering for medicine and biology are having a dramatic impact on a myriad of healthcare needs, product development and biomedical research. NEMB brings together the relevant players and key stakeholders to discuss the integration of engineering, materials science and Nanotechnology in addressing fundamental problems in biology and medicine.

Plenary Speakers

  1. Luke Lee, UC Berkeley
    Title: Quantum Biophotonic Electron Transfer and Its Applications in Medicine: Ultrafast Precision Molecular Diagnostics
  2. James Heath, Institute for Systems Biology
    Title: Technologies for Personalizing Cancer Immunotherapies
  3. Gang Bao, Rice University
    Title: Nanomedicine and Genome Editing Approaches for Disease Therapies
  4. Kumar Wickramasinghe, University of California, Irvine
    Title: AFM Tools for Biological Applications
  5. Stefanie Jeffrey, Stanford University
    Title: Liquid Biopsy: a Field Rife with Opportunities and Challenges
  6. Aydogan Ozcan, UCLA
    Title: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Imaging and Sensing


  1. Nano/micro therapeutics and drug delivery systems
    Track Chairs: Xiaoming He (UMD), Seungpyo Hong (UW-Madison)
    Keynotes: Xuefei Huang (Michigan State), Dino di Carlo (UCLA), Andrew Wang (U North Carolina), James Moon (U Michigan), Sunitha Nagrath (U Michigan)
  2. Nano/micro fluidics
    Track Chairs: Cagri Savran (Purdue), Weian Zhao (UC Irvine)
    Keynotes: Rong Fan (Yale), Joseph Liao (Stanford), Fatih Sarioglu (GA Tech), Emma Fan (UT Austin)
  3. Nano/micro biomechanics and mechanobiology
    Track Chairs: Anna Grosberg (UC Irvine), Mohammad Mofrad (UC Berkeley)
    Keynotes: Wonmuk Hwang (Texas A&M),  Stephanie Seidlits (UCLA), Kris Noel Dahl (Carnegie Mellon), Taiji Adachi (Kyoto University)
  4. Nanomanufacturing and functionalization of biomaterials
    Track Chairs: Hyunjoon Kong (UIUC), Song Li (UCLA)
    Keynotes: Noo Li Jeon (Seoul National University), Kwan Hyi Lee (Korean Inst Sci Tech), Yu Hang Hu (UIUC), Paul Weiss (UCLA), Ali Khademhosseini (UCLA)
  5. Nano biosensors for molecular analysis
    Track Chairs: Alexander Revzin (Mayo), Michelle Digman (UC Irvine)
    Keynotes: Gerrard Marriott (UC Berkley), Bianxiao Cui (Stanford University), Laura Marcu (UC Davis), Chenzhong Li (NSF/FIU), Sumita Pennathur (UC Santa Barbara)
  6. Nanophotonics for biomedical imaging
    Track Chairs: Yadong Yin (UC Riverside), Peter (Yingxiao) Wang (UCSD)
    Keynotes: Jin Zhang (UCSD), Eric T. Ahrens (UCSD), Michael Lin (Stanford), Xiaohu Gao (University of Washington), Xiaoping Hu (UC Riverside), Zhuang Liu (Soochow University)
  7. Student Poster Competition
    Track Chairs: Zhenpeng Qin (UT Dallas), Masaru Rao (UC Riverside)

Conference Chair
Abraham Lee, University of California Irvine

Program Chair
Bumsoo Han, Purdue University

Executive Committee
John Bischof, University of Minnesota
Guy Genin, Washington University St Louis
Gang Bao, Rice University

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