NOTE: This is Turbo Expo 2018
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Turbo Expo

Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition

Presented by the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute

Lillestrøm (Oslo), Norway

June 11-15, 2018

June 12-14, 2018


Sponsor / Exhibit


Book your booth now for prime space availability and see how Turbo Expo can generate bottom-line results for your marketing dollars. Visit the online floor plan and reserve your booth today. To request your space, click on the desired space and complete the reservation form. A sales team member will be in contact with you to confirm the space.

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Booth Space: 3x3 Booth Space: $3500 USD plus VAT (The Norwegian VAT of 25% will be added to the invoice, if relevant. )
The invoice for your participation will be issued by:
1 Rond-Point de l'Europe
92250 La Garenne Colombes (France)
French VAT Number: FR75523098614
Norwegian VAT Number: NO998162726MVA

FAQ on the Norwegian VAT.

All exhibitors receive:

  • Each exhibit space will be constructed from the modular system, using aluminum profiles with white infill panels to rear 2.5m walls and 1m high dividing walls, 300mm deep fascia to all open sides with a standard name board per side detailing company name and stand number.
  • Complimentary lead retrieval unit
  • 1 technical conference badge per 9 square meters of exhibit space
  • 3 booth personnel badges per 9 square meters of exhibit space
    • Monday Welcome Reception, Monday Keynote and Opening Luncheon
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday exhibit hall lunch
  • Unlimited use of complimentary exhibit entrance passes to share with customers and prospects
  • Significantly discounted Technical Conference registration for company employees
  • 15-word company listing in the printed Conference Program
  • Discounted advertising opportunities
  • Product category and company description in the online exhibitor directory
    • Opportunity to include press releases, a company or product brochure, media and your special event held during ASME Turbo Expo to your online listing at no additional cost

Stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers face to face.

Featuring a variety of sponsorship opportunities designed to maximize your company’s visibility, the sponsorship program provides even more ways to stand out from the crowd and make the most of your budget.
Exhibit Turbine EngineExhibit ANSYS.

Exhibit Centrifugal Compressor

 All Sponsors receive recognition: 

  • On the official Show Web site
  • In the Advance and Final Programs
  • On signage posted during the Show
  • In announcements made during the Show
  • In the GGTN reaching over 135,000 ASME members

Download the Application for Sponsorship

Download the Advertising Form

Power Package Prices


Platinum Club: $20,000.00

  • Reduced exhibit space rate by 10%
  • 5 complimentary 5-day Technical Conference badges
  • Special discounted Technical Conference registration rate for employees
  • Full-page, 4-color ad in the Advance & Final Programs
  • Attendee giveaway placed in attendee bags
  • Special sign for booth
  • Company provided banner prominently displayed during the Show
  • Sponsorship ribbons for badges
  • Complimentary exhibit booth cleaning during Show

Gold Club: $15,000.00

  • Reduced exhibit space rate by 7%
  • 4 complimentary 5-day Technical Conference badges
  • Half-page, 4-color ad in Advance & Final Programs
  • Attendee giveaway placed in attendee bags
  • Special sign for booth
  • Sponsorship ribbons for badges
  • Complimentary exhibit booth cleaning during Show

Silver Club:  $10,000.00

  • Reduced exhibit space rate by 5%
  • 3 complimentary 5-day Technical Conference badges
  • Quarter-page, 4-color ad in Advance & Final Programs
  • Special sign for booth
  • Sponsorship ribbons for badges
  • Complimentary exhibit booth cleaning during Show

Bronze Club: $5,000.00

  • Reduced exhibit space rate by 2%
  • 2 complimentary 5-day Technical Conference badges
  • Quarter-page, 4-color ad in Advance & Final Programs
  • Special sign for booth
  • Sponsorship ribbons for badges
  • Complimentary exhibit booth cleaning during Show

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities


Include company literature, promotional items or giveaways in the attendee registration packets. We will place up to two items in the tote bags for attendees as they register. Include invitations to visit your booth or announcements of product demonstrations or other giveaways. This is a great way to ensure you reach everyone in attendance at TURBO EXPO!
($3,000.00 + giveaway)


For maximum visibility in over 300 sessions, your logo will be posted on the audio-visual screens in the session rooms prior to presentations.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  
($10,000.00) Limit one sponsor.


Consider sponsoring the bag check during the Conference. Every attendee appreciates having a place to stow their luggage during their time at an event.  Your company name and logo will be prominently displayed in the bag check area during the entire conference. 
($3,500.00)  Limit one sponsor.


For great conference visibility, sponsor the session coffee breaks.  Select the day of your choice. You may place literature or giveaways on the break stations.
($2,500.00) Limit one daily sponsor.


Wi-fi will be available for delegates in the conference area compliments of your company. This is a valuable sponsorship opportunity for high visibility to all registered attendees with a logoed landing page.
($15,000.00) Limit one sponsor.

CYBER CAFÉ (Internet/Email Station):

Attendees want to stay in touch when out of the office, so let them do so with your company in mind! Show floor email station will include an area for your company literature, signage and your Web site as the home page. ($6,000.00) Limit one sponsor.


This sponsorship will allow for you to provide brochures and/or giveaways for the attendees on the lunch tables.  Logo signage will be provided. 
($10,000.00)  Limit one sponsor daily.


Your logo will be displayed on the Show floor plan map inserted in the Final Program. 
($5,000.00)  Limit one sponsor.


A refreshing way to get the visibility you want! Signage with your company name and logo will be included on the carts throughout the exhibit hall during the afternoon receptions.
($3,500.00) Limit two sponsors.


Allow attendees to power up while visiting the exhibit hall. Place your literature next to the stations that will have your logo.
($10,000.00) Limit one sponsor.


Excellent opportunity to meet with rising engineers in the turbine industry. Sponsoring company may provide company literature at the event along with the company logo displayed on signage at the event. Perfect for organizations with open staff positions.
($5,000.00)  Limit three sponsors.


This sponsorship includes your company logo at all of the Show water stations (exhibit hall, conference area and Keynote). You are encouraged to showcase your "green" message by providing environmentally friendly cups with your company name or logo.
($6,500.00 for the week) Limit one sponsor.


Support the women in the industry at this growing event.  This sponsorship includes the sponsoring company providing a speaker for the event. ASME IGTI will promote the speakers in programs and in printed materials for the Show. 
($8,000.00)  Limit two sponsors.


Have your company logo printed on every attendee name badge. This is a highly visible sponsorship opportunity.
($3,000.00). Limit one sponsor.


Gain maximum visibility with colorful badge lanyards displaying your company name and/or logo. Your neck cords are available during registration.
($5,000.00) OR supply your own lanyards for $2,500.00 plus lanyards.  Limit one sponsor.


First impressions are lasting ones! Sponsors will have their company logo included on an attractive tote bag that is provided to attendees upon registration. 
($5,000.00) Limit two sponsors.


Contact ASME IGTI today to discuss the sponsorship that works best for you. ASME IGTI will work with you to customize a sponsorship that allows you the best visibility and return on your investment.